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Telogers Enterprise 4.0, the latest version of a popular data collection and information system in the wastewater management industry, has been released. It features improved time zone data management for engineering flrms and other Enterprise users who host and analyze data for customers in different time zones. Flow measurement methods have been restricted to the use of expensive mag motors, or complex computations using the lift station algorithm to approximate the flow without a flow meter. Telogers Enterprise 4.0 now offers the lift station algorithm as part of the new release, allowing users to monitor lift stations effectively and flnd trouble spots before they become flood events. Enterprise 4.0 can gather information about the volume of water traveling through the sump and the intervals at which the pump turns on and off, calculating the flow with high levels of accuracy.


MONITORING PROVIDES FOR REAL-TIME ANALYSISTelog Instruments, Inc., a leader in data acquisition for the water distribution and wastewater collection markets, announces direct interface support for the OdaLog Gas Data Logger, a product of App-Tek International. The interface combines a battery-powered, wireless monitoring and alarming system for concentrations of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), with the rugged construction and dependability required to operate in a sewer environment. The interface brings together the Oda-Log Logger and the Telog Ru-33 wireless telemetry unit, combining H2S monitoring with the capability to transmit data to the command centre for real-time analysis. The ability to view and analyze data in real time will help reduce instances in which H2S concentrations exceed alarm levels, by alerting command centre operators to increases in H2S as they happen.