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Efflcient networked scanning and full-featured document management

Combining networked scanning with effective software provides companies a convenient way to improve how businesses can use scanned documents with full featured document management systems to securely organize, store and retrieve information quickly. Kodak and docSTAR have integrated doc-STAR’s document management software with the KODAK Scan Station 120EX networked scanner. Integrating docSTAR’s software with the Scan Station 120EX networked scanner provides companies with the ability to strengthen productivity, accelerate response times, reduce operational costs, and provide solutions for any business need. With docSTAR, organizations can quickly and easily manage electronic flles, paper records, images, print streams, and email messages. The Scan Station 120EX is a specially conflgured version of the commercially available KODAK Scan Station 100 networked scanner. It is designed to give independent software vendors direct installation capability for their software and provide customers with an enhanced document capture solution.