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Dual-burner pressure washer

Kärcher has released a fuel-effl-cient dual-burner, high-volume hot water pressure washer. These new industrial-duty, skid-mounted pressure washers feature a flow rate of up to 10.3 gallons per minute (2340 litres per hour) and are capable of producing true 200 degrees F (93.3 degreesC) hot water. They also come standard with a wet-steam stage, which is often needed to clean synthetic greases and oils. These units are powered by either air-cooled 24 hp Honda or water-cooled 27 hp Kawasaki gasoline engines; diesel-powered models feature a liquid-cooled 27 hp Kohler/Lombardini diesel engine. All four models are conflg-ured so two operators can use the same pressure washer simultaneously and deliver a high-pressure spray of up to 3000 PSI for even faster, high-impact cleaning.