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Updated pump line offers energy savings and simplified maintenance

Efficiency, energy savings and usefulness in a range of uses are all part of the new e-SV line of vertical multi-stage pumps introduced by Goulds Pumps for use in residential and commercial water applications.
Based on the previous s-SV pumps, the e-SV is a collaboration between American and Italian designers within ITT, the parent company of Goulds Pumps. Using stainless steel construction, the new pumps combine expertise in that area with Goulds’ pump experience to produce three sizes of pump for multiple operations.
“With a wide range of new hydraulics, we have three new sizes to expand our product line and to give a full range of performance and efficiency in the movement of water,” said Kyle Schoenheit, multistage vertical pump manager for ITT/Goulds Pumps. “One of our key market focuses is municipal and rural water supply. The discussion is around moving water more efficiently, whether that’s in commercial, schools, hotels or other uses. These pumps can connect with variable speed drives and use single, duplex or triplex products to provide supplies for our end users.”
New hydraulic designs and other improvements boost the efficiency of the e-SV, according to Chris Preston, ITT product manager.
“The e-SV provides improved efficiency of up to 10 percent over previous benchmarks, so customers can reduce their capital and installation costs by using smaller motors and wire; they can lower system energy costs due to maximizing the hydraulic and electrical designs of the system,” he said. “In addition, a smaller envelope can be used, so OEMS and packagers can reduce package sizes – which reduces raw materials and freight expenses.”
Maintenance time has been reduced through the introduction of a replaceable mechanical seal that improves serviceability, Preston noted.
“This is used on all sizes – it’s not limited to specific horsepowers. There’s no need to bring in an electrician or bring in cranes to remove the motor; it can be done by removing the cabling guard and coupling,” he said. Replacement time is roughly 15 minutes, he added.
Diagnostic features have been improved on the e-SV, with improved vibration sensors and options for dry run sensors. The pumps can be connected to ITT’s HydroVar controller for variable speed operation and potential to improve efficiency even more.