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Colorimeter for range of tests

Industrial Test Systems, Inc. (ITS) has introduced a handheld colorimeter: the eXact Micro 7+. The Micro 7+ reads nine parameters directly: Alkalinity; Bromine; Calcium Hardness; Free Chlorine; Total Chlorine; Copper; Ozone; Permanganate; pH and Transmission. Additionally, in transmission the meter tests for: Ammonia; Chloride; Chlorine Dioxide; Chromium Hexavalent; Cyanuric Acid; Iodine; Iron; Low Range Total Hardness; Manganese; Nitrate; Nitrite; Acid pH; Alkali pH; Potassium; Sulfate; Sulflde and Turbidity. The meter flts comfortably in one hand, is waterproof (IP-67) and the sampling cell is built into the meter.