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Chlorine drum scrubber removes chlorine from air

Filtration Systems, Inc., a division of Purafil U.S.A., recently announced the addition of the Chlorine Drum Scrubber (CDS) to its product line to remove more than 99.5 percent of chlorine from air in industrial, water and wastewater applications. The new scrubber canister is constructed with reinforced fiberglass for superior corrosion resistance against chlorine with chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) packing. The CDS is sized for airflows of 170, 510 and 850 m3/hr. Chlorine-laden air enters the bottom of the CDS and flows upward through the Chlorosorb Ultra dry-scrubbing media. All of the scrubber sizes are bulk-filled with Chlorosorb Ultra for 15 percent chlorine removal capacity, which is currently the highest in the market, according to its manufacturer.