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KSB Pumps Inc. is the Canadian subsidiary of KSB Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pumps, valves and systems. Established in 1871, KSB’s has 14,000 employees and manufacturing around the globe. The portfolio includes pump solutions (i.e. centrifugal, multistage, boiler feed, heat transfer, chemical, submersible) for power plants, water and wastewater facilities and industrial processes.

KSB pumps and mixers can be found in many municipal and industrial installations across Canada. One of the most spectacular applications includes the world's deepest submersible pumping station at an Ontario treatment facility. For decades, many of Canada’s pulp and paper mills rely on the every-day-performance by low-maintenance boiler feed pumps from KSB. Among the latest Canadian success stories are rugged pumps used in Alberta’s giant oilsands that will provide the energy-hungry world with fuel for decades to come.

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Single-stage pumps for wastewater

KSB’s Sewatec series of single-stage pumps have been optimized to make life easier for operators and maintenance personnel at wastewater management facilities. Designed for dry well installations, these pumps feature double mechanical shaft seals enclosed in an oil chamber which virtually eliminates leakage of the pumped medium. The result: cleaner operations and reduced maintenance efforts.

Submersible pumps ideal for stormwater

KSB's Amacan P series submersible pumps are ideal for discharge column applications. These axial-flow propeller-type pumps are optimized to lift large volumes of water (up to 7,000 litres/second) at relatively small heads (up to 12 m). This makes them an ideal solution for stormwater pumping stations, water or wastewater treatment plants or irrigation and drainage systems. Impellers, inlets and diffusers are carefully designed to avoid vortex formation or cavitation and to ensure highly efficient pumping. As well, the relatively slender motor housing increases the available annular area in the discharge column, which reduces flow losses and power consumption. These pumps are installed by simply lowering them into position on a tapered seat at the bottom of the discharge channel. An O-ring around the inlet ensures a good seal and also anchors the pump to resist motor starting torques. A variety of internal sensors are available to monitor motor and bearing temperature, vibration and moisture, helping to ensure a long, trouble-free operating life.

Wastewater transport pumps

KSB’s waste-water transport pumps – including the Amarex family of submersible pumps and Sewatec pumps for dry-well installations – can be ordered with special impellers that are optimized to meet the toughest water treatment challenges.

Pumps with special impellers

The KSB impeller family has flve high-performance members: E and K-type impellers are shrouded, single or multi-vane designs that provide high pumping efflciencies. These general-purpose impellers feature large free passages to cope successfully with solid objects in the waste stream. D-type impellers also offer good pumping efflciencies. These are open-vane impellers with special design features that make them highly resistant to clogging by flbrous materials in the wastewater. Where abrasive particles (such as sand) or gases are a problem, the F-type free-flow impellers are right for the job. And flnally, for relatively small diameter pipes carrying household waste, the S-type impellers have built-in cutters to help reduce blockages due to flbres or solids.

Pumps for seawater desalination have robust design

Seawater desalination using the reverse osmosis principle is experiencing a veritable boom. To even better serve this market, KSB has developed another high-pressure pump type series. The new pump sets are intended primarily for use in small to medium-sized installations of the kind commonly found in hotels and large ships or for transportable installations in containers.These have a desalination capacity of up to 10,000 cubic metres of water a day.

Latest generation of submersible mixers

KSB is presenting the latest generation of direct-drive submersible mixers. The redesigned Amamix propellers ensure efficient thrust generation in the tank and thus reduce the operator’s energy cost. Available with nominal diameters from 200 to 600 mm, the stainless steel propellers have two or three blades – depending on the power input – and “throw off” fibrous, stringy substances entrained by the flow. This prevents the mixer from clogging up. The main application fields for the new mixers are in municipal and industrial water treatment plants as well in biogas installations. A dynamic sealing system consisting of two mechanical seals (SIC/SIC) and a lip seal makes for the high operating reliability of the mixer and allows it to be run for up to 16,000 hours without oil change. With power ratings ranging from 1.25 to 10 kW, the power output can be optimally matched to the application.

Split volute casing pumps

KSB’s line of RDLO axially split volute casing pumps offer maximum fl exibility in diverse customer requirements in various fi elds of applications – from municipal water treatment to irrigation, industrial water supply, desalination and petrochemical operations. The RDLO design features a double volute plus closed bearing housings and oversized bearing supports on both casing halves. This combination offers maximum stiffness and guarantees smooth action across the complete operating range. The solid bearing arrangement is complemented by ample bearings, which are designed for a calculated lifecycle of at least 100,000 hours – continuous operation of more than 10 years.

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