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Thermocouple data logger

Lascar Electronics has extended its range of stand-alone USB data loggers with the introduction of the EL-USB-TC thermocouple data logger. Capable of accepting input from a J, K or T-Type thermocouple via a mini-thermocouple connector at the base of the unit, the EL-USB-TC can measure temperatures from -328°F to +2372° F / -200° to 1300° C depending on the type of sensor used. Each logger is supplied with free configuration software, a K-type probe and a 1/2AA lithium battery. Once the software is loaded on the host PC, plug the EL-USB-TC logger directly into the USB port to configure it. Choices include naming the unit, selecting the type of thermocouple being used, choosing a sample rate, setting high and low alarms and finally determining when the unit needs to start logging – immediately or a delayed start.