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About Sakai:

Since its inception in 1918, Sakai has grown to become a global leader in compaction equipment producing more than 4,000 vibratory compactors each year. Sakai has manufacturing facilities in four countries with sales and product support representing 110 countries worldwide.

Founded in 1976, Sakai America serves its customers through a strong dealer network across North America, supported by its manufacturing facilities and product support headquarters in Adairsville, Georgia. As a result of its dedication to quality, Sakai owns one of the strongest service records across America today.

Sakai America produces and supports high-force vibratory soil compactors and high-frequency vibratory asphalt rollers to the highest standards in the industry.

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Heavy-duty dirt rollers with new traction control system

The Sakai SV510-III Series of 84-inch single drum compactors are designed for high yardage compaction jobs on a wide range of soil types and rockfill – highway and airport sub-bases, embankments, dams, reservoirs, and large commercial tracts. There are four model variations. A smooth drum model, the SV510D-III, is designed for rock and granular materials while the padfooted SV510T-III is most useful on cohesive materials, silts and clays. This latter model is also available as a TB version with a strike-off blade that eliminates the need for additional backfilling equipment and labour. The TF version includes a padfoot drum encased within a bolt-on smooth drum shell that can be removed when working on cohesive soils. This unique design keeps the diameter of the padfoot at optimum size when the smooth shell is removed. This major design consideration enables a drive system without the surges presented by the alternative method – that of a padfoot shell over a smooth drum.