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12-ton roller with extra long run time

12-ton roller with extra long run time

Stone Construction Equipment’s 84-inch, ride-on, vibratory dirt roller – the Rhino 84X – is a 12-ton roller. It delivers substantial performance with a choice of high or low compaction forces – 42,743 pounds and 62,989 pounds, respectively. It’s powered by a 130-hp Cummins water-cooled diesel engine. Features include: a fully equipped cab with maximum visibility in all directions, heat, air-conditioning and satellite radio; the convenience of a 4-in-1 vibratory and directional control lever; added reliability from heavy-duty Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic components; a ZF no-spin differential axle which delivers maneuverability and climbability; and extra-large 58-gallon hydraulic and fuel tanks for extra long run times. An optional padfoot drum conversion kit is available.

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Find Your Ex Factor with Volvo

When it comes to the top brands, many people believe all excavators are the same. Volvo excavators are anything but — and we have the numbers to prove it. Check out our impressive bottom line results:

  • Up to 15% more tons per hour
  • Up to 20% lower cost per ton
  • Moving to new jobs three weeks faster

With Volvo, there are significant differences. We call them Ex Factors — designed to keep you productive, efficient, profitable and safer.

Find your Ex Factor today.

Find your Ex Factor today.