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CULTEC Introduces New, Ultra-High Capacity Recharger 902HD Stormwater Chamber

CULTEC, Inc. has introduced its newest and largest chamber to the stormwater market – the Recharger 902HD. This ultra-high capacity model offers the benefit of minimizing project costs by maximizing storage volume in a given footprint. The Recharger 902HD is an ideal solution for high-volume stormwater management systems due to its lightweight maneuverability, shipping and stockpiling benefits and design flexibility.

CULTEC Launches new StormGenie Drawing Software For Streamlined Stormwater System Design

CULTEC, Inc. has released StormGenie v.2.5, the newest version of its automated drawing program. StormGenie is a convenient AutoCAD plug-in tool used by engineers, contractors and landscape architects to quickly create preliminary stormwater system proposals and final designs and generate project-specific drawings for the company’s Contactor and Recharger stormwater chambers. The updated version of the software can now draw from both CULTEC’s Stormwater Design Calculator and HydroCAD’s Chamber Wizard.

Stormwater design calculator

A new and improved stormwater design calculator is now available from CULTEC, Inc. The calculator is an MS Excel-based spreadsheet for designing stormwater systems using the company’s chambers. It can be used as a standalone tool to generate report outputs based on a project’s parameters.
The calculator provides chamber specifications, a material list, and bed detail as well as calculates a cross section detail together with the breakdown of storage provided by the system. Additionally, it includes full data sheets with metric and English units to qualify project calculations. An enhanced interface includes easy navigation and product images. 

New edition of free stormwater modeling software

CULTEC offers a new edition of its free HydroCAD CULTEC modeling software. The company’s updated edition is available in conjunction with a release of the latest HydroCAD-9.1 version and can be downloaded at

Recharger chambers modified

CULTEC has modified its Recharger V8HD size parameters. The chamber is now 32 inches high and 60 inches wide, with a bare chamber capacity of 8.68 cubic feet per linear foot, and is typically installed 66 inches on center. In connection with the size modifications, CULTEC updated the Recharger V8HD parameters in HydroCAD and its own CAD detail sheets and Stormwater Design Calculator.
Design professionals who use HydroCAD to model CULTEC chambers need to download the latest version of HydroCAD software updates to continue designing with the Recharger V8HD accurately. Users with an active HydroCAD registration can download the updated version with the following link: To correctly model with the Recharger V8HD, customers need to choose the Recharger V8I HD (Intermediate) to make up the intermediate sections of a row and one of the V8S HD (Starter) and V8E HD (End) for each row in their model.

Stormwater retention system has added features

CULTEC, Inc. has introduced a newly redesigned stormwater retention chamber that offers a number of added features and benefits including greater capacity, superior manifold design flexibility and enhanced shipping capabilities. The new Recharger 330XL features a chamber storage capacity of 52.2 cubic feet/unit. System flexibility has been enhanced by the inclusion of two side portals on each chamber. The use of these portals allows manifolding to take place at any point within the system, eliminating the need to build external manifolds, thereby condensing the system by decreasing the footprint required.


CULTEC, Inc. offers the HVLV 180 and V8 Header Systems designed to work seam-lessly with the company’s line of Recharger 180, 280, 330 and V8 plastic stormwater chambers. The HVLV systems are used as replacements for conventional pipe manifold systems in stormwater applications. The HVLV 180 and V8 Header Systems are a combination of interlocking plastic chamber-type sections. As stormwater runoff travels through the system, side portals make the necessary tee connections and convey the water into CULTEC’s plastic stormwater chambers. The runoff is then stored until it can be either infiltrated or dispelled. CULTEC HVLV V8 Header sections include starter, middle and ending units. These units directly interlock with the Recharger V8 chambers to provide efficient manifolding capabilities.

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