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About Hoskin Scientific

For over seventy years, Hoskin Scientific has been a supplier of testing and monitoring instrumentation to the Canadian market. With offices in Vancouver, Burlington, and Montréal our customers can receive local sales and technical support in our three major departments.

Our Instrumentation Department represents a broad range of manufacturers, technologies, and a diverse product range that guarantee that you will find the right products for your application. Specific areas include: automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, electronics, R&D, general manufacturing and educational institutions.

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Canadian Locations: 

  • Burlington, ON - 4210 Morris Drive, L6L 5L6
  • Burnaby, BC (Vancouver) - 3735 Myrtle Street, V5C 4E7
  • Saint-Laurent, QC (Montreal) - 300 Rue Stinson, H4N 2E7

Coriolis Flow Meters

Whether a hydrocracker at 400°C/300bar, chemical injection lines at 1000bar or a huge LPG export terminal, a Rheonik meter with robust construction, the very highest pressure/temperature ratings and custody transfer accuracy/performance is the obvious choice for any upstream, midstream or downstream flow measurement.

Mass flow and pressure measurement and control

The leader for thermal mass flow meters and controllers. Bronkhorst instruments are used in a wide variety of applications in many different markets.

The extensive product range of instruments for gas and liquid flow measurement and control can be used for monitoring or dosage of just a few microlitres up to thousands of m3 per hour.

ATEX / IECEX Wireless Telemetry Sensor System

Designed for exceptional performance in the harshest of conditions. The X24 range of products are ATEX and IECEx approved members of our industry-leading T24 wireless sensor family. High accuracy ratiometric inputs allow for calibration and linearisation for pressure, force and weight measurement in explosive atmospheres.

Pressure and Load Sensors

The tecsis Oil & Gas Series of sensors are rugged, waterproof, vibration resistant, CSA approved, and engineered to last for years. These are some of the most demanding and inhospitable environments on the planet, with extremes in temperature, vibration, dust and dirt.  tecsis LP sensors utilize proven strain gage technology and are fully welded to stand up to the rigors of life on the oil rig.

Linear Variable Inductance Transducers

The LVIT linear position sensing technology offers an excellent price-to-performance ratio compared to other linear position sensing technologies such as LVDTs, linear potentiometers, and magnetostrictive devices. Furthermore, LVITs can offer the best stroke-to-length ratio of any contactless linear position sensor, because their overall length only increases by a relatively small percentage beyond their stroke.

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Robust, cost-effective downhole inspection camera from Hoskin

The dipper-See EXAMINER from Hoskin Scientific is a robust and cost effective vertical downhole inspection camera. Designed with portability in mind, this self-contained unit is ideal for viewing in wells, drains, vertical shafts, open bodies of water, boreholes and narrow tubes over 25mm (1") in diameter.

  • Versatile positioning arm
  • High Definition (HD) display screen
  • HD, detachable See-120 camera probe
  • Recordable video/audio
  • Designed to work in the harshest environments
  • Built in hanger - hands-free viewing while in the field

Remote monitoring system works over Wi-finetwork

The HOBO U30/Wi-fiRemote Monitoring System is a web-based monitoring system that provides real-time, remote access to energy and environmental data over any Wi-finetwork. HOBOlink allows users to access current and historical data, set alarm notifications and relay activations, and control the system from their computer. The HOBO U30/Wi-fiprovides around-the-clock monitoring of various types of renewable energy systems. Quickly plug in sensors and connect to Wi-finetworks without cables or wiring. The system alarms for instant notification of any system problems that may occur, and sensors are available for measuring air temperature, relative humidity, sunlight, wind, kW, kWh, AC voltage, AC amps, DC amps, pressure, CO2, and more.


Ideal for a broad range of wind monitoring applications – from wind power site evaluation to crop spray decisions and documentation – the HOBO Wind Monitoring Station accepts up to four wind speed and direction sensors, making it ideal for wind profiling at multiple heights, and reports average wind speeds, wind gusts, and wind direction. The HOBO Wind Monitoring Station logs up to 500,000 time-stamped measurements, and can be equipped with Onset Smart Sensors natural for measuring other parameters including temperature, relative humidity, dew point, rainfall, soil moisture, photosynthetic light (PAR), solar radiation and barometric pressure.


The HOBO Water Level Logger is a high-accuracy, pressure-based water level recording device that combines research-grade accuracy and durability with a price tag that is roughly half the cost of most comparable solutions. It provides 0.1 percent of full-scale accuracy with a 30-foot measurement range and better than 0.01-foot resolution. Unlike traditional water level loggers, which rely on cumbersome vent tubes and desiccant packs for operation, the HOBO Water Level Logger operates as a standalone unit. This simplifies deployment and eliminates many of the maintenance issues associated with vent tube-based loggers. A second HOBO Water Level Logger can be used for barometric compensation when required.