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Ditch Witch partners with Vacuworx

Vacuum lifting technology offers an effective approach to moving materials on tough concrete demolition and construction, road and landscaping projects. Ditch Witch, a Charles Machine Works Company, has partnered with Tulsa-based Vacuworx to bring the benefits of vacuum lifting technology to an expanded network of underground construction contractors, landscapers, municipalities and utilities.

Vacuworx Tough Seal

The patent-pending Tough Seal, a pad seal formulated to endure rugged job sites while maintaining its integrity in extreme temperatures. The Vacuworx Tough Seal features enhanced UV protection to reduce the damaging effects of sunlight, and is built to perform at temperatures of up to 102 degress C (215 degrees F) and down to -40 degrees C.

HDD Pipe Handling System

Vacuworx has launched a lightweight pipe handling system to lift and position drill stem in horizontal directional drilling operations.

Vacuworx MC5 Vacuum Lifter

With the powerful vacuum lift capacity of the diesel engine and the compact, lighter weight configuration of the Vacuworx mini series, the MC5 vacuum lifter is designed to handle heavy loads in confined spaces or smaller job sites. It is designed for more compact carrier equipment such as wheel loaders and forklifts and has a lift capacity up to 5 tonnes (11,000 lbs). The unit is ideal forin-plant industrial applications, utility projects, materials with moderate weight specifications, or mid-size pipe, plate, and slab. Standard power source is a self-contained diesel engine with electric start. It conforms to ANSI/ASME standard section B30.20, ASME BTH-1, and AS 4991, and is CE certified and OSHA compliant.