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Digging different: an in-depth report on hydro excavators

Underneath the traffic jams that snarl Canadian city streets, there is another type of congestion faced by municipalities and contractors: kilometres and kilometres of utilities that criss-cross one another in a growing tangle of pipes and conduits.

Super Products launches newly designed web site

Truck-mounted vacuum equipment manufacturer Super Products LLC has launched a newly-designed web site that features its line of products as well as provides information on the company’s rental offering, used equipment inventory and nationwide Super Store locations.

Super Products introduces sewer cleaner wastewater recycling system

Available exclusively on the Camel 1200 sewer cleaner, Super Products LLC’s wastewater recycling system features a six-stage water filtration process that enables effective sewer cleaning action without the need for fresh water. And this capability can translate into substantial water, time and money saves for municipalities and sewer contractors.

Camel 1200 Sewer Cleaner

The new Camel 1200 from Super Products LLC offers outstanding sewer cleaning performance as well as convenience and time-saving features including optimal boom motion, unique ejection unloading and collector bodytilt capability.

Arctic Supersucker

A popular choice with contractors working throughout the coldest regions of North America, the Arctic Supersucker vacuum truck from Super Products LLC makes dependable operation in harsh conditions easier by relying on a design specifically for use in frigid environments.

Mud Dog 1600

The Mud Dog 1600 hydro excavator features a 16-yard collector body, 1,500-gallon water capacity and a rear-mounted boom that offers 335 degree rotation, 27-foot reach, 45-degree upward and 25-degree downward pivot to achieve greater work area access and deeper digging. For controlled and thorough offloading of material, the 1600 relies on Super Products’ exclusive ejector plate technology, which smoothly pushes the load out of the collector body and into the disposal site. And for unloading into disposal sites that require vehicles to be in a nose down position, the Mud Dog 1600 has the ability to raise and tilt its collector body.

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