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Microtunneling taps fresh water for B.C. project

John Hart Lake, near Campbell River on Vancouver Island, has for decades provided the people of British Columbia with electrical power and local residents with a generous source of clean, fresh water. However, an aging facility meant that BC Hydro needed to upgrade the John Hart Generating Station, which left the nearby city to rethink its drinking water source. 

Introducing the Guide Rod Swivel (GRS-50) family of cutter heads

To achieve guided boring steel casing installations in deep, densely compacted ground and soft rock, Akkerman announces the newest solution in the Guided Boring Machine (GBM) equipment line, the Guide Rod Swivel (GRS-50) family of cutter heads with a universal bearing swivel. The robust GRS-50 family contains four sizes of high thrust bearing upsizing tools able to withstand up to fifty tons of continuous thrust loads on guided boring, guided auger boring, and soft rock pilot tube projects.

5200 Pump Unit for the Akkerman Tunnel Boring System

Akkerman has introduce the 5200 Pump Unit, the most essential element of the Tunnel Boring System. This flagship product has been improved in several essential areas while retaining the best qualities of its predecessors, to achieve optimal pipe jacking performance.

Pilot Tube Lubrication Pump

Successful guided auger boring contractors know that their bore’s accuracy depends on competent pilot tube steering coupled with ground appropriate lubrication. The 1325G Pilot Tube Lubrication Pump enhances these skills while serving as an invaluable, multi-faceted tool.

4815A GBM Jacking Frame

Akkerman is pleased to introduce the 4815A jacking frame, the newest addition to the Guided Boring Machine (GBM) line of equipment. The 4815A design was made essential as GBM projects are trending towards pipe installations over 400 feet (122 m) in length. These drives require additional torque and jacking force to advance tooling strings accurately at these lengths. The 4815A jacking frame features 30 percent more rotational torque than other jacking frame models. Operators using the 4815A have precision, two-speed advancement control options through the gear box for installing GBM tooling. The 100-ton fast and 265-ton slow advance speeds with 100 tons of pull-back force give operators complete control over GBM accessories. The rotational torque operates in two ranges of force, 0-10,500 ft-lbs and 0-26,000 ft-lbs to match the tooling requirements. Each torque range offers two speed options with 35 and 50 rpm in the low torque and 23 and 35 rpm in the high torque settings.

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