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About​ Herrenknecht AG

Herrenknecht is the only company worldwide to deliver tunnel boring machines for all geologies and in all diameters – ranging from 0.10 to 19 meters. The product range comprises tailor-made machines for traffic, supply and disposal tunnels, technologies for pipeline installation as well as additional equipment and service packages. Herrenknecht also manufactures drilling equipment for vertical and inclined shafts as well as deep drilling rigs.
In 2015 the Herrenknecht Group achieved total output of 1.343 billion euros. The Herrenknecht Group employs around 5,000 people worldwide, including around 180 trainees. With 76 domestic and overseas subsidiaries and associated companies working in related fields, Herrenknecht provides comprehensive services close to each project and customer.

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Herrenknecht TBMs push through hard Norwegian rock on tunnel projects

Whether it's a world record with the longest railway tunnel on earth at the Brenner or the epoch-making Gotthard project, the business of mechanized tunnel boring through hard rock is currently reaching new heights in Europe. Now Scandinavia is discovering the advantages of mechanized tunnelling. With the breakthrough at the Ulriken Tunnel, the first major tunnel project in Norway using a Herrenknecht Gripper TBM has been successfully completed.

Final double breakthrough at the Emscher sewer

With the breakthrough of the last two tunnel boring machines into the target pit in Oberhausen-Biefang on June 12, 2017 the tunnel and pipe jacking work for the Emscher sewer has been completed. Over a period of 25 years numerous Herrenknecht tunnelling machines and a wide range of additional equipment were successfully used in the Europe-wide unique environmental and sewage project of Emschergenossenschaft.

Herrenknecht tunnel borers continue success story in L.A.

Los Angeles is a vibrant center of international film art and innovation - not just on the surface. The area below ground is the scene of state-of-the-art engineering achievements. German high-tech machines from Herrenknecht are creating underground arteries for the American city. Tunnel boring machine (TBM) , Harriet successfully completed her drive for the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project in April 2017. Angeli just finished digging the first of two tunnels for the Regional Connector Transit Corridor on July 18th. From spring 2018 onward the tunnel boring stars will have additional company: for each of the "Purple Line Extension Sections 1 + 2", two more Herrenknecht TBMs will be working their way through the difficult ground. All three projects are part of the strategic subway extension in L.A. to relieve the traffic above ground.

Speedy pipeline connection in Australia

In just three months Australian drilling contractor Dunstans Construction Group installed a 700-meter-long pipeline in Anglesea (Victoria). A 250 tonne HDD Rig from Herrenknecht played a key role in the achievement. Within a very short time the construction crew built a sea outfall with the machine, as well as pulling in the pipeline all the way back to the local water treatment plant.

Breaking through the Bosphorus

The Bosphorus road tunnel project which broke through in August in Istanbul, Turkey is a major achievement on one of the world’s biggest and most challenging tunnel drives. At 13.66 metres diameter and 11 bar of water pressure in fractured rock and soft ground, the 3.34-kilometre-long bore was unprecedented and required skillful engineering and advanced TBM technology.

Variable Density Technology Game Changer for Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur's karst soil riddled with fissures and crevices is a real challenge for tunnel builders. Herrenknecht, developed for Klang Valley MRT Project in Malaysia´s capital in collaboration with MMC-Gamuda Joint Venture a new type of machine. The Variable Density tunnel boring machine can be operated in four different tunnelling modes and thus perfectly adapted to the different conditions. After nearly two years of tunnelling, in mid-April 9.5 kilometers of tunnel were completed and the new technology had proven itself. A major breakthrough for Kuala Lumpur’s Metro and for mechanized tunnelling in difficult soft ground.

Pipe Express: fast installation through groundwater

Herrenknecht’s newly developed semi-trenchless method for pipeline installation has completed its third successful mission. South of Stockholm, using Pipe Express, Züblin Scandinavia AB installed a water pipeline more than a kilometre in length within 12 days. Groundwater lowering was not required despite a water level just below the terrain’s surface. Compared to conventional open cut construction the method has significantly less impact on the environment, while simultaneously minimizing costs.

Large-Scale Projects In Small Diameters Win GSTT Award 2015.

Two projects in which microtunnelling machines from Herrenknecht are driving new sewers have been awarded the "GSTT Award 2015" by the German Society for Trenchless Technology e.V. (GSTT). The special award "International Project" was given to the National Water Company of Saudi Arabia. At their unusual construction site in Mecca two Herrenknecht EPB shields with an individual remote monitoring system are in use. The Emschergenossenschaft received the GSTT Award “Gold” for a construction of a section between Dortmund and Bottrop as a part of the Emscher renaturation. Since 2013 several Herrenknecht utility machines have been driving a new sewer system there.

World Record Set Las Vegas Tunnelling Project Withstands Highest Pressurized Conditions

Las Vegas, the glittering city of luck with its fascinating fountains, draws 90 percent of its water from Lake Mead. The largest reservoir in the United States is fed by the Colorado River. The areas around Las Vegas, however, are taking more from the lake than flows into it as snow melt and rain water from the Rocky Mountains. During the 14 years of drought, the water level has dropped by 35 metres. The two existing water intakes for the Las Vegas Valley are in danger of running dry, and Intake No.1 could be at risk next year. It is now only 24 feet (7 metres) below the lake level.

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Newly developed MH Box Machine

The demand for new underground infrastructures for pedestrians and cyclists is increasing along with the rapidly growing traffic load in large and megacities. This makes it necessary to cross beneath a great number of busy junctions, expressways or railway routes at short distances and at a low depth. The high traffic burden at these intersections makes aboveground interventions extremely difficult or even impossible without a great deal of additional work and expense.

Direct Pipe installed in Canada for the first time

For the first time in Canada, Michels Canada has installed a pipeline using the Direct Pipe technology from Herrenknecht. Crossing beneath the Beaver River in Alberta with a 42-inch pipeline (1,067 mm) was successfully completed in two weeks. Michels Canada is one of a select group of contractors able to perform Direct Pipe installations, which complements its established HDD and pipeline work in the U.S. and Canada.