Hanson Pipe & Precast

R.R. #2
Cambridge, ON
CA, N1R 5S3

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Education plays key role in London’s stormwater management efforts

Oil/grit separators allow larger particles to settle to the bottom, while oily fluids will rise to the top and be captured.

 Underneath the parking lots and driveways of properties throughout the Province of Ontario sits a silent yet essential tool in the fight to protect local waterways. The Stormceptor oil/grit separator (OGS), manufactured in Ontario by Hanson Pipe & Precast and one of several OGS devices on the market, is a unique precast concrete device that filters runoff from hardscaped surfaces, removing particles from 20 to 20,000 microns along with free oils, heavy metals, and nutrients that attach to fine sediment.

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Find your Ex Factor today.