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Water & Sewer Construction

Hi-Vac X-10 series

Hi-Vac X-10 series

The Hi-Vac X-10 series features a 12 cubic yard payload compartment and a 1,000 gallon water capacity. Other standard features include a full open rear door with four self-adjusting hydraulic locks, power up and down for dumping and a full power 8-inch hydraulic loading boom with a 340 degree operating range. The vacuum source is a Hibon 8702 which provides 5250 CFM of free air flow and 27-inch HG of vacuum. The Triplex water pump is driven by a variable flow hydraulic system which allows the operator to control the water pressure and flow independently from the blower. It provides a maximum of 18 gpm and 3,000 psi. The filtration system consists of dual cyclone pre-filters and an 85 micron final filter for blower protection. The standard 700,000 BTU boiler is mounted in a heated enclosure for cold weather operation. The enclosure also protects the water pump and hose reel from the environment. The cabinet also provides dry storage for tools and equipment. For larger projects, Hi-Vac offers the X-15 Truck Mounted Hydro Excavation Unit, which has a 15 cubic yard payload and 1,250 gallons of water capacity.

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