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Seesnake Tool Used For the Rapid Inspection of Intake-Line

In November 2012, BC Hydro contacted PICA (Pipeline Inspection and Condition Analysis Corporation) due to concerns regarding the status of their intake-line in Port Moody, B.C. The utility had observed some leaks and were interested how many there were and if they were any “leaks in waiting” so they opted for a “full-line” condition assessment that was initially recommended for the 300 mm pipeline. However, due to budgetary limitations, PICA analyzed only 2.2 kilometres of the 6.8-km line (160 pipe segments). PICA ran the See-Snake tool the entire pipeline because logistically it made sense to insert the tool at Buntzen Lake as opposed to where the inspection started. There was no available access point where the analysis commenced, therefore it was decided to insert at the pumping station to reduce excavation costs.