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Company Description:

Since 1984, R.S.Technical Services has been an innovative driving force in the CCTV pipeline inspection industry. We are a company of firsts: the first mainline color camera featuring internal lights, the first true pan and tilt camera with tracking lights, the first cable reels to offer electrical gear selection and a true freewheeling cable drum, the first steerable storm drain tractor for large diameter pipe inspection...and the list goes on and on.

At the heart of what makes R.S.Technical Services' broad range of inspection solutions a favorite among municipalities and contractors alike is our single conductor technology. Why single conductor? Single conductor technology offers more cost advantages and operational flexibility than other comparable multi-conductor options. Interchangeable components, backwards and forwards compatibility, easy maintenance and minimal downtime are just some of the benefits that come with owning and operating our systems.

Single conductor systems have always been considered the cutting-edge technology of pipeline video inspection equipment for several key reasons. The cable is smaller, over twice as strong, and has a life span three times that of any of the reinforced multi-conductor cables currently offered. Single conductor cable is simple to maintain and connectors can be replaced in matter of minutes, even in the field. RST’s single conductor cable is the only cable in the industry that carries a warranty of any kind. Our cable is warranted for a full five years. These all add up to a technology that allows you to get more AND do more.

Our warranty, repair, and support policies have been and always will be based upon our customers’ needs. At R.S.Technical Services, we believe the sale is the beginning of the business relationship and in an industry where time is money, we are committed to keeping your inspection investment running in optimum condition.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to the opportunity to demonstrate our amazing and innovative single conductor technology. It will simplify your life and inspections! 

Custom-Built Pipeline Inspection Vehicles

The smart choice for today’s pipeline contractors and municipalities alike—our vehicle installed inspection systems feature cutting-edge, single conductor technology and configurations customizable to each individual customer’s needs. RST’s true “plug and play” components can be added to existing systems without the need for additional system controllers or upgrades. Cameras, transporters, lateral launchers, sonar and laser profilers, etc. can all be easily and precisely operated on one single conductor.

Shown here is the High Cube. The High Cube van has always been a favorite choice of chassis—available in a variety of sizes (typically 12’-16’ box lengths), it provides ample storage room and customization options such as extra workspace, countertops, tool boxes, power sources, safety lighting, air conditioning, cab access, heaters, floor and wall coverings and even on-board bathrooms.

Other vehicle configurations are available and all of our inspection vehicles are backed by one of the best after-sales support and warranty programs available. 


Great things come in small packages. The TranSTAR II Tractor and TrakSTAR II camera combination for video pipeline inspection delivers the industry’s highest power tractor of its size available along with a compact pan & tilt zoom camera for inspection capability in pipelines 6” and larger in diameter and up to 3000’ in length.

Equipped with dual 90 watt motors, the TransSTAR II can achieve speeds up to 70’ per minute. This power allows the tractor to inspect larger lines without the need for additional gear trains or transmissions. The clutch allows rapid freewheel retrieval once the inspection is complete, greatly optimizing production capability. At just 14” in length, it offers numerous standard features such as a tilt up connector and rear view camera, with options such as manual or motorized camera elevator and multiple tire configurations. The TrakSTAR II features adjustable LED lights that carry a lifetime warranty, remote control settings, internal pressure and humidity sensors, 40:1 (10x optical and 4X digital) zoom, making this robust, compact combination an extremely versatile addition to your inspection toolbox. 


A compact, all-inclusive portable mainline system that offers all the inspection capabilities found in typical vehicle mounted systems but with the benefits of extreme portability and transport flexibility.

This little workhorse of a system is ideal for easement work or those organizations who need the power of a full mainline system in a free-standing, highly mobile format.

Housed in quarter-inch powder coated, glare resistant aluminum, The CUBE has forklift access both front and rear, along with stainless steel lift and tie-down hooks for easy handling and storage. The system is designed to fit on an ATV or in the bed of a pickup truck. It can be configured to operate any of RST's mainline cameras and transporters with up to 1,500' of cable for inspections in lines 6" and larger in diameter as well as specialty application equipment and accessories such as RST's Digital Tap Cutter Controller, Laser Profiler and Sonar Profiler.

Everything is self-contained, including an on-board generator, two handy 500lb capacity storage drawers and a front access 9-gallon pressurized wash-down system. An optional rack mount or laptop computer with your choice of data collection software is also available.

Storm Drain Tractor

This steerable four-wheel drive transporter supports all RST mainline cameras for inspections in 24”and larger diameter pipelines. Its remote controlled motorized camera lift enables the camera to be centered in pipelines in up to 60”. The unit’s four-wheel drive incorporates a highly efficient gear train enabling it to travel at a speed of up to 75’ per minute. This transporter comes equipped with dual 26W (2600 lumens) adjustable LED light arrays and 11” tires. 13” tires are also available as an option.

Lateral Launch System

RST's Lateral Launch System performs mainline and lateral pipeline inspections from a single, fully integrated unit. The system utilizes dual video monitors allowing operators to view the mainline and lateral lines simultaneously. Inspect mainlines 6” to 24” in diameter and up to 500' in length. Conduct lateral inspections in 4” to 8” diameter lines up to 150' in length. Mainline and lateral launch cable reels are electronically synchronized for ease of retrieval during and after inspection. Standard features include: 6-wheel drive tractor with 3 forward speeds, reverse and freewheel; color backup camera; tilt up connector; 40:1 zoom pan and rotate mainline camera with auto iris and auto focus; high resolution 1545 auto-upright lateral camera that retracts at a rate of up to 30’ per minute with an integrated 512Hz sonde for locating. Optional locating receiver available.


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