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For more than 40 years, Amiad has met Water Filtration needs by developing a comprehensive line of exceptionally efficient, automatic, self-cleaning filters and manual filters for use in industry, municipalities, and irrigation. Amiad provides solutions in more than 66 countries, with seven subsidiaries and sales offices. Amiad's pledge to the filtration industry is to continue providing innovative and dependable systems, quality service and reliable customer support.

Amiad Filtration Systems has more than 40 years experience as an industryleading supplier of automatic, self-cleaning filters, valves and accessories. The company is known for high-quality standards, prompt delivery, and consistent availability of parts. It is renowned for unprecedented expertise in sophisticated water filtering equipment, and highefficiency systems for Irrigation, Industry and Municipal applications. In an increasingly crowded world, the need for clean water concerns everyone involved in sustaining our quality of life. Society and economy cannot exist without water; because water is life. Most of the world’s largest membrane manufacturers have chosen Amiad as the pre-filtration solution of choice for thier municipal and industrial water filtration and treatment systems. Amiad’s pledge to the filtration industry is to continue providing innovative and dependable systems, quality service and reliable customer support.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Jerry Ponikvar as Amiad’s Regional Sales Manager for the Canadian territory. Jerry joins us from Mar Cor Purification, a division of Biolab Equipment, where he was sales manager and applications specialist for their industrial water treatment products. Prior to that he worked as a sales manager for both Rehau Industries and Osmonics selling integrated water treatment systems into the industrial and municipal markets in Canada. Early in his career Jerry worked as an engineering manager for international Purification Systems and as a project engineer for Zenon (now owned by GE Water) designing various components of their Zeeweed membrane line. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from the University of Toronto. We look forward to his sales experience and knowledge of the Canadian water treatment market to make a significant contribution to our organization. Please join us in welcoming Jerry to the Amiad team.

Jerry Ponikvar
(416) 300-2183
[email protected]

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The Amiad Automatic Microfiber filter features a small footprint – both its compact physical footprint, which saves space and capital costs, as well as its small environmental footprint. With minimal chemicals needed for it or the systems it protects downstream, less back flush water than competing technologies, no cartridges or other consumables to dispose of, and low energy usage, the AMF delivers outstanding Return on Environment (ROE) as well as excellent Return on Investment (ROI).


This automatic filter series, designed to work with various types of screens, is available in 8 to 24-inch inlet/outlet diameters, and has an electric motor-driven self-cleaning mechanism.