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Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is a major international company developing, manufacturing and marketing equipment for construction and related industries. Its products, leaders in many world markets, include a comprehensive range of wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators, articulated haulers, motor graders, soil and asphalt compactors, pavers, milling machines and compact equipment. Volvo CE is part of the Volvo Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of trucks, buses and construction equipment, as well as drive systems for marine and industrial applications. The Group also provides complete solutions for financing and service. The Volvo Group, which employs about 115,000 people, has production facilities in 20 countries and sells its products in more than 190 markets. The Volvo Group is a publicly-held company headquartered in Göteborg, Sweden.

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Find Your Ex Factor with Volvo

When it comes to the top brands, many people believe all excavators are the same. Volvo excavators are anything but — and we have the numbers to prove it. Check out our impressive bottom line results:

  • Up to 15% more tons per hour
  • Up to 20% lower cost per ton
  • Moving to new jobs three weeks faster

In-depth report: compact excavators

The reputation of the compact excavator has been significantly bolstered in recent years due to their growing versatility and the range of options available for these machines. As hydraulic capabilities improve, the scope of these machines' capabilities has moved beyond earthmoving in cramped quarters and on small jobs. The compact excavator has become a multifunctional machine that can meet a variety of needs, from flail mowing to precision excavating. 

Are all excavators the same?

Among the top brands, many believe all excavators are the same. But when you look closely, you can spot the small differences in design that add up to huge differences in productivity and efficiency — differences that can boost your profitability. 

Volvo adds three new models to its wheeled excavator lineup

The latest wheeled excavators from Volvo Construction Equipment – the short swing EWR150E and EWR170E, and the conventional swing EW220E – give contractors three new models to choose from to take advantage of the versatility and mobility offered by wheeled machines. "Wheeled excavators are underutilized in North America, and contractors are missing out on the benefits they bring, especially in applications like roadbuilding and in urban utility work," said Matt McLean, product manager, wheeled excavators at Volvo Construction Equipment. "They can travel on their own up to 22 mph from site to site, even towing a trailer, rather than being loaded on a lowboy. Wheeled machines also have lighter footprints and don't damage hard surfaces like their tracked counterparts. That equates to less cleanup and lower labour costs. We really see these wheeled machines as an opportunity for contractors to rethink the way they're building their fleets."

Versatile on the jobsite

Fixing construction's productivity problem with technology a target for Volvo

The construction industry has had a troubled history with productivity. Even the smallest construction projects are multi-disciplined events that involve hundreds of individual actions. When scaled up to mega project size, managing the sequencing of man, machine and material so that the right things are done at the right time and place is a logistical headache that the industry has been grappling with for generations. Construction is improving - but its productivity improvements are far slower than the wider economy.

Volvo CE unveils 100% electric compact excavator prototype

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) unveiled its latest concept machine – known as the EX2 – to industry specialists, policymakers, the media and academics at the Volvo Group Innovation Summit on Tuesday May 16th. The 100% electric compact excavator prototype delivers zero emissions, 10 times higher efficiency, 10 times lower noise levels and reduced total cost of ownership compared to its conventional counterparts. It is believed to be the world’s first fully electric compact excavator prototype. 

Volvo Discontinues Backhoe Loaders and Motor Graders Transfers Production to SDLG

As part of the Volvo Group’s ongoing activities to improve profitability and reduce costs, Volvo Construction Equipment will discontinue development and production of its current product line of Volvo-branded backhoe loaders and motor graders. In the future, these products will instead be manufactured by Volvo CE’s Chinese company SDLG.

Volvo B-Series Thoroughly Redesigned

The launch of its BL60B and BL70B sees Volvo Construction Equipment thoroughly redesign its backhoe loader range – offering improved performance, usability and a modern appearance. Employing high quality materials throughout, the machine combines in a single, stable platform the strength and simplicity of a Volvo wheel loader with the power and performance of a Volvo excavator.

The compact excavator of the future

Volvo Construction Equipment has unveiled its latest concept design machine — the GaiaX — this time imagining the compact excavator of the future.

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Volvo Introduces The MCT110C

Volvo Construction Equipment has launched the new MCT110C compact track loader in North America. This unit with a rated operating capacity of 2,250 pounds completes the range of compact track loaders filling the gap between the Volvo MCT85C and MCT125C. As the compact track loader market has developed, this model size class has grown into the second largest and represents 25 percent of the total market.

ECR25D Short Swing Radius Compact Excavator

Not only is the ECR25D short swing radius compact excavator easy to maneuver and transport, it packs the breakout and tearout forces of a much larger machine with an engine designed for powerful performance, excellent fuel economy and low emissions.

Volvo EC250E and EC300E excavators excel in fuel efficiency

New Volvo EC250E and EC300E crawler excavators deliver a 5 percent improvement in fuel efficiency over past models, saving customers both time and money. This efficiency is not only due to the Tier 4 Final/Stage IV-compliant Volvo engine, but also to a range of advanced features that optimize flow and minimize pressure losses in the hydraulic system. Chief among them is the unique Volvo ECO mode, which automatically reduces fuel consumption without any loss of performance in most operating conditions.

Pipelayer provides full lift in 360-degree swing

Based on the Volvo excavator design, configuration and engineering, the Volvo PL4611 Pipelayer provides a 360-degree swing with full lifting performance and functionality at all radius positions – a function unattainable with conventional side-boom pipelayers. The Volvo PL has a wide gauge, lower center of gravity, and a lifting platform where the boom is mounted inboard of the track frame and closer to the machine’s centre line for extraordinary stability and much higher lift capacities – up to 29 percent higher – than conventional equipment. Lift capacities range from 20 metric tons to 150 metric tons, originating from a patented adaptation of Volvo excavator machines combined with modern lifting technology. Volvo Pipelayers also have significantly longer booms that offer higher hook height for better work positioning – or in working further away from the trench to avoid caving in side walls. Boom lengths range from 30 feet to 38 feet, depending on model size. The machine is powered by a Volvo D12D 329-hp EPA Tier 3 compliant engine engineered with the Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology (V-ACT) system to produce low emissions, better performance and productivity, and industry-leading fuel efficiency. It has a maximum tipping capacity of 242,500 pounds, a boom length of 30 feet, an operating weight of 150,220 pounds, and a lift capacity through 360-degree rotation of 155,000 pounds.

Volvo rolls out new pipelaying machines

The first Volvo pipelayers have arrived in North America. The Volvo PL4611, one of five models in the new product class of pipelaying machines developed by Volvo Construction Equipment, is in full production and available now for the North America market. The second model in this class of heavy-duty, purpose-built equipment, the Volvo PL4608, will go into production in November with first delivery dates set for December 2008.