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Choose your crawler wisely

When evaluating a sewer inspection crawler for purchase, don’t get distracted by bells and whistles – pay attention to design attributes that keep cost of ownership low. These attributes are evident in the core design of the crawler:

Envirosight expands offering of sewer inspection vehicles

In 2016 Envirosight will expand its offering of Preferred Build-out (PBOs) — vehicles designed for the efficient, productive deployment of sewer inspection equipment. The expanded offering includes the addition of a Ford Transit chassis option with a gas generator. Feature enhancements include expanding the capacity of wash-down tanks from 10 gallons to 18 gallons in most packages; installation of all generators with a dedicated battery (which improves access); a full cork board wall above the operator’s desk; and custom shelving with tool holders above the equipment bay workbench.


Deployed in pipes 6 to 10 inches in diameter, the JetScan Mini video nozzle gives sewer cleaning crews the visual feedback they need to select the proper tools, troubleshoot backups, identify buried safety hazards, and document successful cleaning. This simple, rugged device is affordable enough to put on every cleaning truck, yet captures valuable HD video footage from underground pipes for offline tablet viewing.

Inspect more pipe sizes

ROVVER X can now inspect more pipe sizes than any other crawler on the market, thanks to a new bolt-on carriage that raises the crawler, expands its wheelbase, and gives it unmatched ground clearance. The carriage attaches in seconds, and accepts all ROVVER wheels, as well as two new pneumatic wheel options.

Self-leveling pan/tilt camera

Controlled by an ergonomic joystick pendant, the Envirosight Agilios’ self-leveling pan/tilt camera captures detail from sidewalls and distant targets alike. Dimmable, shadowless illumination ensures optimum viewing on the pendant’s integral 800x600-pixel display.

Pipeline zoom inspection camera features brighter lamp

Version 3.5 of the patented Quick-View pipeline zoom inspection camera is now available, offering users double the zoom capability, more illumination, and improved camera sensitivity for low-light viewing. Its enhanced performance allows an operator to see as far as 400 feet down a typical 18-inch line – all while capturing exceptional sidewall detail. QuickView 3.5 delivers double the zooming capability of previous models with 400 times magnification. Its new lamp technology casts focused illumination that is 65 percent brighter, without draining the rechargeable battery before a full shift’s worth of inspection work is completed.

Sidewall scanning for crawler

Designed specifi cally for ROVVER video inspection crawlers, DigiSewer digital visual sidewall scanning (DVSS) from En-virosight enhances the speed and detail at which pipeline inspection is performed. In a single day, a DigiSewer-equipped crawler can scan extensive networks of pipe at full speed. When scanning is complete, a supervisor rapidly analyzes these scans using a freeware viewer, zooming in on areas of interest for greater scrutiny, and making measurements and annotations directly on the scan. As the crawler advances down a pipe, the camera grabs a frame of video at established intervals. From each frame, a ring of pixels representing a fi xed-width cross-section of the pipe wall is digitally extracted and unfolded into a tall rectangle by the DigiSewer CPU.


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