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Frame-mounted drills operate up to four times faster than handheld models, so crews can pinpoint gas leaks more quickly.

Pinpointing a gas leak isn’t complicated - drill a hole through the pavement, drive the rod through the soil, insert a tester and move to the next spot until you detect the highest level of gas. But determining exactly how you’re going to dig the hole or, more precisely, with what can be more complicated. Wrapped into the decision is everything from efficiency to response times to workers’ compensation.

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Find Your Ex Factor with Volvo

When it comes to the top brands, many people believe all excavators are the same. Volvo excavators are anything but — and we have the numbers to prove it. Check out our impressive bottom line results:

  • Up to 15% more tons per hour
  • Up to 20% lower cost per ton
  • Moving to new jobs three weeks faster

With Volvo, there are significant differences. We call them Ex Factors — designed to keep you productive, efficient, profitable and safer.

Find your Ex Factor today.

Find your Ex Factor today.