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Check valve with compact wafer design

Val-Matic’s Dual Disc Check Valve with its compact wafer design and low cost have made it a popular choice when space and price are the major factors in valve selection. The Dual Disc Check Valve features non-slam spring-assisted closing, a pressure sensitive vulcanized seat that provides tight closure at both low and high pressures, and a lift and pivot disc action to reduce seat wear and extend seat life. The Dual Disc Check Valve is available in sizes 2”–60” for pressure ranges up to 500 PSI. They are available in Wafer (ANSI 125, ISO PN10, ISO PN16), Lug and Grooved End connections.

Silent check valves earn certification

Val-Matic’s Wafer Silent Check Valves have received certification to NSF/ANSI 61 for Drinking Water System Components. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) provided certification of the Val-Matic product line after completion of all testing and verification of data. Val-Matic’s Wafer Style Silent Check Valves are designed for silent operation with low headloss in a compact wafer body. The valve’s short linear stroke and spring return action combine to close the valve prior to flow reversal, thus eliminating surges and waterhammer normally associated with sudden stoppage at reverse flow. The Wafer Silent Check Valves are available in sizes 2” – 10” and are WQA Certified Lead-Free.

Check valves certified for drinking water

Val-Matic’s Swing-Flex and Surgebuster Check Valves have received certification to NSF/ANSI 61 for Drinking Water System Components. WQA (Water Quality Association) provided certification of the Val-Matic product lines after completion of all testing and verification of data.  The Swing-Flex and Surgebuster are available in sizes 2 to 48 inches and are designed for many years of maintenance free service.  The short, 35° stroke provides fast closure to minimize slamming and slam related surges. They are WQA Certified lead-free and are designed and built in accordance with AWWA C508.

Valve prevents source water contamination

Val-Matic's Cam-Centric Plug Valve is manufactured with quality materials that help prevent untreated wastewater from contaminating source water. The valve is designed to handle wastewater and industrial slurry applications while maintaining dependability and efficiency. The Vee-Type packing is field adjustable and replaceable without removal of the actuator. Both the packing and stainless steel radial bearings are protected by grit seals in the upper and lower bearing journals. An extra thick welded nickel seat assures long, trouble-free life. The port full flow design minimizes turbulence, headloss, and energy consumption. Sizes include half-inch to 48 inches with either flange or mechanical joint end connections. Protect your budget by installing this cost effective quarter-turn valve with low torque actuation for shut-off and throttling service.


Val-Matic’s Surgebuster check valve is unlike any other swing-check valve available today. The Surgebuster achieves rapid closure through a short disc stroke of 35 degrees and adjustable Disc Accelerator. The patented Disc Accelerator is precision-formed in stainless steel to close the valve disc rapidly without producing a slam.The Surgebuster fully meets ANSI/AWWA C508 requirements.Val-Matic is so confident in the Surgebuster’s non-slam performance, the company guarantees that the valve will outperform any air cushion swing-check valves with weight and lever.