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In-Situ Inc. announces the release of four TROLL Link telemetry systems: 100, 102, 101 and 201. The TROLL Link 100 system operates on GSM/GPRS networks worldwide and allows users to connect directly to their In-Situ Level TROLL, Aqua TROLL or TROLL 9500 device using Win-Situ Plus. The TROLL Link 102 system operates on domestic CDMA networks and allows users to connect directly to their In-Situ Level TROLL or Aqua TROLL device using Win-Situ Plus’s dial-up mode. The TROLL Link 101 and 201 systems are ideal for end-users looking to access their data via a password-protected website. Both units work with In-Situ’s Level TROLL, Aqua TROLL and TROLL 9500 systems. The TROLL Link 101 uses GSM/GPRS networks to transmit data from the device to a secure data centre. The TROLL Link 201 transmits data to the data centre via Iridium’s low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite network. The data centre can be configured to send out alarm messages via SMS, email and voice on measured values versus predetermined alarm points.

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