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Exceeding Your Expectations

Since its inception in 1962, OMEGA has grown from manufacturing a single product line of thermocouples to offering more than 100,000 state-of-the-art products for measurement and control of temperature, humidity, sanitary sensors, pressure, strain, force, flow, level, pH and conductivity. OMEGA also provides customers with a complete line of automation, data acquisition, electric heating and custom engineered products.  

For the past three decades our handbooks have served as valuable reference tools for engineers around the world. And though we are an established direct-marketing pioneer, our people, facilities and superior client services go well beyond the OMEGA handbooks.  

It is our commitment to quality instrumentation and exceptional customer service that has remained the cornerstone of our success. OMEGA's priority is clear. Our facilities exist to "facilitate" solutions to your needs.

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Temperature data logger with flexible probe

The OM-CP-H I T E M P -150FP is a small, rugged, reusable temperature data logger specifically designed for deployment in harsh environments. This data logger comes standard with a flexible silicone rubber cable, penetration style stainless steel probe, and stainless steel body. It features a programmable start time, real time operation, and an extended temperature range, all at an economical price. Data analysis is easy using the accompanying Windows software and NIST Calibration certificates are available. The extended temperature range is recommended for use in autoclaves, medical and pharmaceutical labs, food preparation and processing plants, dishwashers, and other applications involving extreme temperatures.

Rail-mounted signal conditioners accept AC/DC voltage

This series of DIN rail signal conditioners provide up to 3500 Veff isolation between input, output, and power. These signal conditioners are designed to accept a broad range of input signals, such as: AC and DC voltage and current, frequency, temperature (thermocouple and RTD), and process transducers. Each model is available with standard process outputs of either 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 Vdc (only one output may be used at a time). The DRF series is easily mountable and compatible with standard 35 mm DIN rails. The DRF series maximizes functionality and provides improved measurement accuracy by minimizing the effects of ground loops and electrical noise. The DRF series is ideal for the chemical, water, and petroleum industries. This product is CE compliant.


The RD9900 Series are network compatible paperless recorders with high performance and operating function employing a clear 5.6-inch TFT colour LCD. TheRD9900 is easily programmable with quick and accurate multi-point recording that can be monitored by a web browser display on several computers. The recorder can be used for various applications such as data management, research, development, remote and wide range monitoring by utilizing the Internet. This product is an Omega exclusive and ideally suited for chemical, water, and manufacturing industries. Recommended applications include food processing, chemical lab, water supply and sewage, sterilization process, and electronic control sensors in automated manufacturing. This unit is CE and RoHS compliant.


OMB-DAQ-54/55/56 modules are the first products in a new family of low-cost, USB-based products from OMEGA. They are full-featured data acquisition products which utilize the Universal Serial Bus (USB) which is now built in to almost every new PC. And because of the strict power limitations of the USB, the modules incorporate special power-management circuitry to ensure adherence to USB specifications. Designed for high accuracy and resolution, these 22-bit data acquisition systems directly measure multiple channels of voltage, thermocouple, pulse, frequency and digital I/O. These modules feature convenient removable screw terminal input blocks to simplify input connections. Just a single cable to the PC provides high speed and power and no additional batteries or power supplies are required except when using bus-powered hubs. The compact OMB-DAQ-54/55/56 is ideal for portable data acquisition applications. The OMB-DAQ series has many industrial applications, especially within the chemical, petroleum and environmental fields.