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New to the pipeline construction industry - PipePillo. PipeSak Pipeline Product's structured pipeline pillows are injection-molded and made from high-strength, long-lasting and environmentally inert polypropylene. PipePillos support larger diameter pipelines (16" OD plus) and are engineered to withstand extreme loads.

PipePillo™: Simply a better way to bed your pipeline! This new and
affordable structured pipeline pillow protects pipe coatings, but unlike
standard foam, never shields cathodic protection.

The PipePillo product lines a rocky trench to protect the Ruby Pipeline.

The PipePillo has a dual function to support pipe stringing and welding operations. Use of  PipePillo's can replace wooden skids, but with a much lower labour component.

PipeSak®: Pound for pound the world’s strongest geotextile weight. It’s
the only weight in the marketplace with a six-compartment design that is
stable enough to install on floating pipe and porous enough to work with
all CP systems. For almost 20 years, PipeSak® has become the
approved ASTM tested product for a growing number of pipeline
companies around the world.

Tuff-N-Nuff: Today’s rockshield "gold” standard provides high-impact
proven protection. It is the industry’s most durable and flexible PVC design.

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New Pipeline Support Method Available to Pipeline Construction Market

PipePillo is a structured pipeline pillow (SPP) used to safely support fully-loaded pipelines, both in and out of the trench, for the life of the pipeline.

With a growing emphasis on pipeline integrity, engineers and designers are looking for the best, safest and most economical ways to build and protect their pipelines. Even with tough, modern pipeline coatings, additional protection is often necessary. A pipeline’s safety and long-term integrity depends on it.

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