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Siemens retrofits California Water Pollution Control Facility with corrosion-resistant screw pumps

The city of Woodland, California, USA, has retrofit the headworks and return activated sludge (RAS) systems at its Water Pollution Control Facility with five stainless steel Siemens Internalift pumps. The pumps replaced their more than 25-year-old carbon steel predecessors. The new pumps’ stainless steel design is expected to be more corrosion-resistant, thus increasing expected equipment longevity. The turnkey operation is valued at over US$1 million, with Siemens providing equipment and installation.

Chlorinator reduces gas pressure to a vaccuum

The E10k chlorinator is a low capacity, full featured chlorinator and is a complementary addition to the current gas-feed equipment offering. The E10k is a vacuum-operated, sonical-ly regulated unit. Direct cylinder mounting puts the vacuum-regulating valve right at the source, reducing gas pressure to a vacuum immediately. It provides for economic low capacity gas feed applications for municipal and industrial water and waste-water treatment and disinfection as well as industrial process water. Its flexible mounting configurations for cylinders, manifolds or ton containers provides versatility for all installations. Two basic arrangements are available in capacities of 4 and 10 kg/ hr (200 and 500 pounds per day (PPD)) of chlorine gas. With fewer internal parts, the E10k chlorinator provides reliable, dependable service.


CHANNEL FLOW MONITORINGSiemens Energy & Automation, Inc. introduces the Sitrans L U C 5 0 0 ultrasonic controller, an advanced ultrasonic level controller for duplex lift stations run by operators of water and wastewater plants. The design of the new controller integrates common PLC lift station functionalities into one pre-configured unit that improves efficiency, reduces energy consumption and lowers maintenance costs by decreasing pump failures and site visits. The Sitrans LUC500 replaces the EnviroRanger ERS 500, maintaining the same proven features and benefits. The unit combines non-contacting ultrasonic technology, echo-processing techniques and proven application software to provide accurate level control of liquids in wet wells up to 50 feet deep. It also monitors flow in flumes, weirs and other open channels. The Sitrans LUC500 controller features fault monitoring and data logging for trend analysis, logging time, date, volume or any other application event.