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The Vermeer BoreAid™ 4.1 Pro design tool was designed for contractors, engineering consultants, and project owners with the planning and design of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) installations. Vermeer BoreAid™4.1 Pro streamlines the planning and design of HDD projects by considering key aspects of a drill project such as bore path planning, load calculation, product pipe selection, drilling fluid management and bore pressure estimation based on current industry standards (ASTM/PRCI) and HDD best practices.

Features & Benefits

Product pipe selection

Ease of use and time-saving to perform product-appropriate calculations quickly.

Soil information (database)

Ease of use to select appropriate soil parameters based on a built-in geotechnical database.

Pullback load calculation

Know the engineering estimates for required pullback forces to install the product following industry standards.

Pipe stress analysis

Evaluate the in-service and installation stresses applied to the product ensuring that it remains structurally sound.

Compliance check analysis

Perform check of a bore plan to help ensure full compliance with relevant industry standards.

Advanced bore planning

Complete flexibility to design and plan a bore path with multiple straight and curved sections, while understanding the impact of the compound and horizontal bends on pullback load and pipe stress.

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