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Cusco - Hydrovac Series Hydro Excavators

This powerhouse is designed to work with heavy applications that typical vane type vacuum pump systems cannot handle. The Hydrovac series supports a low maintenance tri-lobe positive displacement blower with airflow ratings of 980 CFM to 1,400 CFM and vacuum levels up to 28″ Hg, a reversible airflow piping system for pressure off-loading, and a 4″ to 6″ suction hose that will move product with ease. When additional pulling power is what you need, Cusco’s Hydrovac is the machine for you.


Key Specifications
Airflow Ratings 980 to 1,400 CFM
Vacuum levels Up to 28″ Hg
Horsepower 375 hp
Required Front Axle 18,000 lbs.
Required Rear Axle 46,000 lbs.

Company Info

305 Enford Road
Richmond Hill, ON
CA, L4C 3E9


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