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Ditch Witch - JT5 Horizontal Directional Drills

In residential areas, new utility installations rarely miss an opportunity to throw a challenge your way. With the JT5 horizontal directional drill, you can proceed undaunted. The JT5 was designed specifically—with very specific customer input—for shallow installations of cable, fiber and water systems up to 150 feet (46 m) in length beneath roads, driveways, sidewalks, sensitive landscaping and other surface obstacles. No room to work? No problem for the compact and powerful JT5 directional drill.


Key Specifications
Thrust force 4,100 lb 18.2 kN
Pullback force 5,000 lb 22.2 kN
Bore diameter 2.5 in 63.5 mm
Manufacturer's gross power rating 24.8 hp 18.5 kW
Displacement 68.6 in3 1.12 L
Diameter of drill pipe 1.1 in 28 mm
Weight of drill pipe 16 lb 7.25 kg

Company Info

1959 W. Fir Ave.
P.O. Box 66
Perry, OK
US, 73077-0066


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