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General Pipe Cleaners - Gen-Eye 1-Watt Utility Locators

The Gen-Eye 1-Watt transmitter makes pipe and utility locating easier. It energizes the pipe with a powerful 65 KHz signal that radiates though the ground to the digital locator above. Simply attach the transmitter leads to both ends of the pipe, or if the other end of the pipe is not accessible, use the ground stake to complete the circuit. An audible tone sounds when you have a good connection. Then start your pipe location. In tandem with the Gen-Eye Hot Spot pipe locator, finding buried pipes and utilities is easier than ever. Switch the locator to the Utility icon to locate buried power lines. You can locate active buried power lines as well. Just circle the energized pipe or active power line until the diamond appears on the screen.


Key specifications
Operating Mode/Frequency Pipe Locator/65 KHz.
Output 1 Watt.
Transmitter Weight 5 lbs. (2.3 kg).

Company Info

1101 Thompson Avenue
McKees Rocks, PA
US, 15136


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