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Radiodetection Ltd. - RD7000+ Utility Locators

Locating specific pipes, cables and utility RF markers in large underground networks is very complex. Ground distortion effects, caused by differing soil types and proximity to other conductors, make the user’s job more difficult and time-consuming. The most important requirements for a locator under these circumstances are ease of use, accuracy and reliability. Radiodetection’s RD7000+ Utility Locator range addresses these needs with many features that deliver accurate, reliable and repeatable performance. The new RD7000+ marker locators – denoted ‘M’ add RF marker locating to the range, with automatic marker depth estimation and Bluetooth® connectivity as standard.


Key specifications
Frequency range 50Hz to 200kHz
Locate accuracy ± 5% of depth
Max transmitter power output 1W (Tx-1), 5W (Tx-5 and Tx-5B), 10W (Tx-10 and Tx-10B)
Maximum depth Line: 20' / 6m -- Sonde: 50' / 15m
Depth accuracy Line: ± 5% tolerance 4" / 0.1m to 10' / 3m -- Sonde: ± 5% tolerance 4" / 0.1m to 23' / 7m

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