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Radiodetection Ltd. - RD8000 Utility Locators

The multifunctional RD8000 range represents Radiodetection’s most advanced pipe, cable and RF marker locators, offering a wide choice of locate functions and advanced connectivity options. The RD8000 improves on speed, accuracy and reliability yet remains a cost-effective solution delivering unique user features. Powered by a digital architecture , RD8000 delivers a highly controllable and reliable locate solution to service any industry, anywhere in the world.


Key specifications
Locate accuracy ± 5%
Maximum depth Line 6m (20ft), Sonde 18m (60ft)
Depth accuracy Line: ± 5% tolerance 0.1m (4”) to 3m (10ft), Sonde: ± 5% tolerance 0.1m (4”) to 7m (23ft)
CD Fault-Finding (CDFF) 220Hz to 4kHz
Dynamic range 140dB rms/√Hz

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