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McLaughlin - Verifier G2 Utility Locators

The Verifier G2 is an easy-to-use productive utility locator. It uses Smart Technology along with improved noise reduction to achieve extreme accuracy in direct connection, clamping, inductive and passive modes.


Key specifications
Active Frequencies (Receiver) 38kHz: 38kHz±2% 9.5kHz: 9.5kHz±2% 80kHz: 78.125kHz±2% 512kHz: 512kHz±2%
Depth Range (Receiver) Line: 0 to 5m/16ft (0-5m/0-16ft. mode) 0 to 10m/30ft (0-5m/0-30ft. mode) Probe: 0 to 10m/30ft.
Depth accuracy (Receiver) 2.0m/6.5ft: ±2.5% 3.0m/10ft: ±5% 5.0m/16.5ft: ±10%
Weight (Receiver) 2.1kg/4.7lbs approx. including eight batteries
Output Frequencies (Transmitter) 38kHz: 38kHz±0.02% 9.5kHz: 9.5kHz±0.02% 80kHz: 78.125±0.02% 512kHz: 9.5kHz/38kHz±0.02%
Weight (Transmitter) 3.7kg/8.2lbs approx. including eight batteries

Company Info

2006 Perimeter Road
Greenville, SC
US, 29605


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