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McLaughlin - Vision FLX Utility Locators

The Vision FLX by McLaughlin combines a state of art fault location system with a cable locator proven to be consistently accurate and dependable. The Vision FLX offers cable tracing with depth estimate and pinpoints ground return faults on electric, CATV and telecommunications with one instrument.


Key specifications
Active Frequencies (Receiver) 38kHz: 38kHz±2% 9.5kHz: 9.5kH±2% 80kHz: 78.125kHz±2% 512kHz: 512kHz±2%
Depth Range (Receiver) Line: 0 to 5m/16ft (0-5m/0-16ft. mode) 0 to 10m/30ft (0-5m/0-30ft. mode) Probe: 0 to 10m/30ft.
Depth accuracy (Receiver) 2.0m/6.5ft: ±2.5% 3.0m/10ft: ±5% 5.0m/16.5ft: ±10%
Weight (Receiver) 2.1kg/4.7lbs approx. including eight batteries
Output Frequencies (Transmitter) 38kHz: 38kHz±0.02% (standard frequency) 9.5kHz: 9.5kHz±0.02% 80kHz: 78.125±0.02% 512kHz: 9.5kHz/38kHz±0.02% Dual: 9.5kHz/38kHz±0.02% FF: 512kHz+9.5kHz (for A-Frame)
Weight (Transmitter) 3.7kg/8.2lbs approx. including eight batteries

Company Info

2006 Perimeter Road
Greenville, SC
US, 29605


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