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McLaughlin - McLaughlin GX Utility Locators

The McLaughlin GX is a utility locator designed for the professional locator. There are three locating modes: Peak Mode with Manual Gain Adjustment – the industry standard; Peak Mode with Semi-Auto Gain Adjust – narrows the peak signal for easier identification of utilities in congested areas and deep utilities; and Combination Peak & Null mode for quick detection of signal distortion.


Key specifications
Active Frequencies (Receiver) 38kHz: 38kHz±2% 9.5kHz: 9.5kHz±2% 80kHz: 78.125kHz±2% 512kHz: 512kHz±2% LF: Low frequency (250 to 1000Hz)—factory configurable
Depth Range (Receiver) Line: 0 to 5m/16ft (0-5m/0-16ft. mode) 0 to 30m/99ft (0-30m/0-99ft. mode) Probe: 0 to 30m/99ft.
Depth accuracy (Receiver) 2.0m/6.5ft: ±2.5% 3.0m/10ft: ±5% 5.0m/16.5ft: ±10%
Weight (Receiver) 2.1kg/4.7lbs including six batteries
Output Frequencies (Transmitter) 38kHz: 38kHz±0.02% (standard frequency) 9.5kHz: 9.5kHz±0.02% 80kHz: 78.125±0.02% 852kHz: 853.33Hz±0.02% 640Hz: 640Hz±0.02% 512kHz: 9.5kHz/38kHz±0.02%
Weight (Transmitter) 4.2kg/9.3lbs approx. including 10 batteries

Company Info

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Greenville, SC
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