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Schonstedt Instrument Co. - XTpc Utility Locators

The XTpc features simple one hand operation with all controls in easy reach of your thumb. The controls and the LCD display area are large and easy to understand. Clear direction arrows facilitate easy locating and foolproof centering. The XTpc operates in passive mode, three different active modes (conductive, inductive and clamp), and a sonde mode. This extremely versatile locator also features single button depth calculation. Simply place the receiver directly over the target and press the depth button.


Key specifications
Operating frequency 82kHz or 33kHz
Max depth capability Approximately 19' (5.8 m)
Weight (Receiver) Under 2.8 lbs
Weight (Transmitter) Under 1.5 lbs

Company Info

100 Edmond Road
Kearneysville, WV
US, 25430


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