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SubSurface Instruments Inc. - PL-1500 Utility Locators

The PL-1500 pipe and cable locator is a single frequency locator that comes in a 8 kHz Low or a 83 kHz High model. The PL-1500 is a very durable unit that is a work of art in its simplicity of use and sophistication of operation. There are no menus to learn; just three ways of applying a signal (conductive, clamp and inductive, which not all locators offer). So you're sure to locate all utilities. Plus, the PL-1500 is lightweight, compact and designed to withstand the everyday demands you place on it.


Key specifications
Weight (Transmitter) 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)
Weight (Receiver) 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg)
Frequency (Transmitter) 83 kHz (PL-1500 High) 8 kHz (PL-1500 Low)
Depth accuracy (Transmitter) 0 to 78 inches: Within 5% 78 to 197 inches: Within 10%
Frequency Display (Receiver) 83 kHz (PL-1500 High) 8 kHz (PL-1500 Low) "Live Cable" Mode: 50/60 Hz AC

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