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SubSurface Instruments Inc. - PL-2000 Utility Locators

The PL-2000 multifrequency pipe and cable locator is a very durable unit that is a work of art in its simplicity of use and sophistication of operation. It is unique in that it offers four modes: peak, null, distance and sonde. Plus, it's a workhorse, offering three active frequencies, two passive frequencies, four modes of operation and both inductive and direct connection capabilities. And all its components are housed in a well-protected, lightweight and easy-to-use design.


Key specifications
Weight (Transmitter) 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)
Weight (Receiver) 4.4 lbs (2.0 kg)
Frequency (Transmitter) 26.725 kHz, 8.125 kHz, and 512 Hz
Depth accuracy (Transmitter) Up to 16 feet
Frequency Display (Receiver) 26.725 kHz, 8.125 kHz or .512 Hz "Radio" Mode: 15 kHz - 25 kHz "Live Cable" Mode: 50/60 Hz AC

Company Info

1841-C Plane Park Drive
De Pere, WI
US, 54115


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