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US Radar - 100 series Ground Penetrating Radar

The 100 series system offers the greatest realistic penetration that GPR can provide. It is used fo for locating deeper targets up to 100' deep. It is typically used to locate tunnels and for geophysical analysis. The electronics are interchangeable with our other systems, so you can easily turn a 100 series system into one of our other configurations for other higher-resolution applications.


Key specifications
Nominal Sampling Rate 550,000,000 samples per second
Maximum Sample Rate 100 Gigasamples/sec.
Sampling Interval 10 ps-6.4ns (in 10ps increments)
Pulse Repetition Frequency 0.1-4 MHz-adjustable
Samples per Trace 2-8192, Adjustable
Transmitter Broadband, 100MHz Center Frequency
Receiver Direct RF Sampling

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