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Sensors & Software Inc. - LMX100 Ground Penetrating Radar

LMX100 was designed specifically to make marking utilities with GPR simple and easy. As one of the most affordable GPR utility locating tools, LMX100 completes the locator's toolbox, offering a more complete picture of the underground infrastructure. LMX100 offers the perfect balance of depth penetration and resolution for accurate locating. Data is collected in Locate & Mark mode; this provides a real-time image in the field to identify utilities and mark their locations.


Key specifications
Weight 22kg (48 lb)
Dynamic Depth Ranges Collects data to 8 m (30 ft) and displays from 1 to 8 m (3 to 30 ft)
Depth estimates Real-time analysis

Company Info

1040 Stacey Court
Mississauga, ON
CA, L4W 2X8


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