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Cusco - Liquid Ring Series Hydro Excavators

We have engineered this unit to provide our customers with an alternative to rotary lobe and vane style vacuum systems, where the application is unsuited. This system is ideally suited for the pickup and removal of liquids, slurries, sludge and dry aggregate type materials. It comes equipped with an 1,100 CFM liquid ring vacuum pump that generates 26″ Hg of vacuum, along with a reversible airflow piping system for pressure off-loading. If noise levels are a concern, this is the quietest design we make.


Key Specifications
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump 1,100 CFM
Maximum vacuum 26″ Hg
Horsepower 300 hp
Required Front Axle 18,000 lb.
Required Rear Axle 46,000 lb.

Company Info

305 Enford Road
Richmond Hill, ON
CA, L4C 3E9


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