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Vacmasters - 3000 System Air-Vacuum Excavators

Whether you are upgrading from water to air, or replacing one of our earlier systems with the SYSTEM 3000’s latest advancements in air-vacuum excavation technology, you will find this mid-sized unit perfect for potholing in a variety of applications. It’s neither too big for those small, single potholing jobs, nor too small to do multiple holes in a hurry. There’s high-pressure water on board, however, 95% of the time you’ll rely on air to get the job done quickly, economically, and safely.


Key Specifications
Vacuum 1000 cfm, 15" Hg, 4" hose
Air Tools 165 cfm @ 100 psi
Water Tank 110-Gallon

Company Info

5879 W. 58th Ave.
Arvada, CO
US, 80002


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