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IPEX - Bionax PVCO Pipes

Bionax is a molecularly-enhanced PVC pipe designed for water mains, sewage forcemains and industrial process piping. Made from biaxially-oriented PVC material, Bionax has almost double the strength of conventional PVC and three times the impact absorption capability. Using a revolutionary new orientation process, this ultra high-tech process orients the PVC molecules both in the axial and circumferential directions (biaxial orientation). The result is a pipe with enhanced toughness and flexibility. Bionax is specially engineered to withstand the rigors of today’s installations. With less construction inspection, and less regular maintenance, the market is calling for a pipe that is more robust, stronger and easier to install. Bionax delivers on all three counts.

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3 Place du Commerce, Suite 101
L'Île-Des-Soeurs, QC
CA, H3E 1H7


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