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LMK Technologies - Shorty™ CIPP Connection Liners

LMK’s T-Liner® Shorty™ system is a one-piece, structural, stand-alone homogenous Main/Lateral CIPP connection liner that extends 3 feet up into the lateral pipe. Shorty™ was designed for municipalities that want the connection sealed and the most value without the cost or legal issues associated with installing a cleanout. Shorty™ is the trenchless, one-piece, Main/Lateral CIPP Solution that utilizes Gasket Sealing Technology and all of the other unique features as found in a standard T-Liner® including vacuum impregnation, inversion installation, full-circle main liner construction, tapered ends for a smooth transition, lateral identification, and a long-term sealed impervious coating, all without the need for an outside cleanout.

Features & Benefits

Compressible Material on Mainline and Lateral Tubes

A strip of material which compresses to a standard specified thickness is used to form an engineered taper which provides a smooth transition for maximum flow rate.

Hydrophilic O-Rings on Lateral Tubes

A hydrophilic O-ring is incorporated at the upper most end of the lateral liner tube. This swelling gasket is embedded between the lateral liner tube and the lateral host pipe.

Continuous Lateral Tube

The lateral portion of a Shorty™ consists of a one-piece continuous lining that extends up the lateral pipe for 3-feet. The robotic positioning and installation is performed without the need for a cleanout.

Full Circle Design

CIPP linings are designed from calculations based on physical properties of the CIPP, the depth of pipe being renewed, pipe diameter and soil/hydrostatic loading. The key element in the design calculation is the CIPP being formed as a “tube or cylinder.

Lateral Indicia

The mainline portion of a Shorty™ is permanently marked with a Lateral Identification that includes the physical liner address, date of manufacture, the installation contractor and the manufacturing code.

Hydrophilic O-Rings on Mainline Tubes

Two hydrophilic O-rings positioned on each side of the lateral connection help bond the CIPP connection liner. These swelling gaskets are embedded between the mainline tube and the main host pipe and expand 3 to 5 times their original size in water.

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