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LMK Technologies - CIPMH™ Manhole Rehabilitation Systems

LMK’s universal, stretchable, one-size-fits-all CIPMH™ manhole system is engineered to produce a cured in-place seal that resists freeze/thaw conditions. Since the CIPMH™ utilizes a patented stretchable liner, site preparation and installation can occur in the same day eliminating the lead-time for ordering. CIPMH™ can be installed as a chimney seal or full-depth manhole lining. Once the liner has been vacuum impregnated and manually inverted into the manhole, the liner will cure ambiently under pressure in one to two hours depending on depth.

Features & Benefits

Resin Migration

Excess resin migrates into fractures, holes, and open areas within a manhole structure where mortar has deteriorated and fallen out. This resin migration seals and mechanically anchors the liner into the old structure.

Conforms to all Manhole Shapes

The inflation device presses the liner into contact with the existing manhole walls and conforms to all shapes.

Casting Sealed to Cone

The casting is effectively sealed to the cone to prevent inflow which typically occurs during a rain event.

Smooth Interior Surface

The bladder that conforms to the liner and to the existing manhole produces a smooth interior surface.

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