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Inuktun Services Ltd. - VT100 Vertical Crawler™ Inspection Crawlers

Combining the power of three Microtracs™ and an expandable tripod chassis, the unique VT100 Vertical Crawler™ can perform difficult inspections over a range of pipe sizes in virtually any orientation.

Independent control of each track allows the vehicle to easily navigate multiple bends and vertical pipe segments over distances of up to 600ft. Auxiliary LED lighting compliments the high quality video captured by the onboard cameras, while real-time sensors indicate pipe size and expansion force.

Constructed out of marine grade aluminum and stainless steel, the VT100 Vertical Crawler™ is extremely durable and fully submersible for underwater applications.


Key Specifications
Pipe Diameters Standard: 8-12in / 200-300mm Optional: Up to 18in / 460mm
Depth Rating 100ft / 30m
Tether Length > 600ft / 180m
Speed Up to 32ft / 10m per minute
Vehicle Weight 22lb / 10kg
Maximum Pull Up to 60lb / 27kg

Company Info

2569 Kenworth Rd Suite C
Nanaimo, BC
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