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Delta Micro

Miniature Inspection and Reconnaissance System

Delta Micro

Submerged or on land, the Delta Micro Robot (formerly known as the VGTV, Variable Geometry Tracked Vehicle) is a miniature inspection and reconnaissance system. Primarily designed to access confined spaces and challenging terrain in a variety of applications, including search and rescue, duct inspection, culvert inspection and remote monitoring in nuclear environments.

Designed to excel in challenging environments the Delta Micro is exceptionally portable – the entire system can fit into a back pack and can be deployed and operated by a single person. Although small in size, the vehicle is capable of navigating through tight spaces, over objects and around obstacles due to its shape changing capabilities.



Key Specifications
Weight 14lbs / 6.2kg
Tether Cable 30m / 100' (up to 90m / 300' optional)
Speed Up to 16' / 5m per minute
Dimensions (lowered) 9"W x 17"L x 4.5"H (22 x 43 x 11cm)
Dimensions (raised) 9"W x 11"L x 12"H (22 x 20 x 30cm)